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Need a reliable solution for moving and storing your belongings? A-Z Moving provides a comprehensive and stress-free service!
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Reliable Moving & Storage Services

Many want to improve their living conditions in Toronto, a constantly evolving city. This often involves renting new houses, purchasing properties, or planning moves to better-suited neighborhoods. However, a significant challenge arises during this transition: inadequate storage space. Many find themselves in a dilemma, balancing between moving schedules and the availability of their new homes.

This gap can lead to the inconvenience of having nowhere to safely keep their possessions, causing undue stress and logistical headaches. This is where A-Z Moving steps in, offering a solution that extends beyond traditional moving services. Recognized as a proficient moving company with storage options, we provide an essential service for those in this transitional phase. So, you may ask, “Can I find a reliable solution near me?” Sure! Our storage services in Toronto are designed to ease the challenge of finding a secure place for your items during a move.

As a moving storage company, we understand the complexities of coordinating a move and the need for temporary storage. We offer storage and moving services that are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that your belongings are not only transported professionally but also stored until you’re ready to settle into your new space.

Get Your Personalized Moving and Storage Quote

Fill in your details, including the moving date and specific storage needs, using our online form to receive a customized quote for your moving and storage requirements.


Quick and Clear Communication

We’ll review your submitted information and provide a detailed, transparent estimate, ensuring no hidden costs or unexpected charges are involved.


Professional Moving with Added Storage

After you accept our quote, our uniformed professionals will efficiently manage the moving process and coordinate your storage requirements precisely and carefully.


Effortless Transition and Secure Storage

A-Z Moving’s experienced team will facilitate a smooth move to your new space and ensure your belongings are securely stored, meeting your complete satisfaction at every step.


Prompt and Efficient Moving & Storage Services

When navigating the complexities of a move, having a moving company with storage facilities can significantly simplify the process. Here’s how it works from a client’s perspective:
  1. You reach out to us, a moving storage company, expressing your need for both moving and storage services.
  2. We provide a clear estimate outlining the cost of moving and storage services.
  3. After agreeing to the terms, we schedule and plan the moving process.
  4. Our team arrives, packs, and moves your belongings.
  5. Your items are kept in a secure, climate-controlled environment.
  6. We will move your stored items to your specified location when ready.
Clients choose this service for convenience, reducing the hassle of coordinating separate moving and storage services. One trusted company provides an all-in-one solution, simplifying logistics and reducing stress.


Expertise in Moving and Storage Services

Our team is highly skilled in managing the complexities of moving combined with storage needs, guaranteeing safe and efficient handling of your belongings.

Transparent and Precise Estimates

Receive a clear, comprehensive quote for your moving and storage services upfront, ensuring total transparency without any hidden costs.

Punctual and Dependable Service

We understand the importance of timing in moving and storage services. Count on us to adhere strictly to your scheduled timeframes.

Customized Moving and Storage Solutions

Our services are adaptable to your specific moving and storage requirements, ensuring a smooth transition to your new space with secure storage solutions.

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Specialized Moving & Storage Services for an Effortless Relocation

Choosing A-Z Moving, a professional moving storage company brings numerous advantages for stress-free relocation. Our comprehensive storage and moving services are designed to offer an all-in-one solution, simplifying your moving process from start to finish.

We combine moving and storage services, ensuring your belongings are handled efficiently and carefully throughout the transition. This integration means you won’t have to deal with multiple companies, saving time and reducing hassle. As professional movers, we have the expertise to handle all types of items, whether fragile, valuable, or bulky. Our team ensures that every item is packed, moved, and stored carefully.

With a reputation for reliability, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding client expectations, making us a trusted partner in your moving journey. If you’re planning a move and need a reliable solution for both transportation and storage, consider A-Z Moving. Contact us for a seamless, worry-free transition where your moving and storage needs are met with professionalism and expertise. Need moving companies that store your stuff? Contact us ASAP!


What is a storage unit?

A storage unit provides a secure space to store your belongings, either temporarily or long-term. For instance, if you have a gap between moving out of an old home and into a new one, a storage unit offers a practical solution for keeping your items safe during this interim period.

Can I store my items with your company if I do not use the packing and moving services?

Absolutely. Our storage facilities are available to everyone, regardless of whether you utilize our packing and moving services. You can store your belongings with us under flexible terms tailored to your needs.

What are the common uses for storage units?

Storage units are frequently used for holding items over extended periods, such as during home renovations, long-term travel, or downsizing. They offer a convenient solution for keeping your belongings secure when you can’t have them with you.

Can I rent a storage unit for a short period?

Yes, you can rent a storage unit for short periods, with one month’s minimum storage time. This makes it a viable option for temporary needs such as during a move or home renovation.

What items are not allowed in storage units?

For safety reasons, storage units cannot be used to store explosives, flammable materials, or hazardous chemicals. It’s important to ensure that all items stored comply with safety regulations.

Can I access my storage unit at any time?

Yes, you can access your storage unit at any time. We ensure that our clients have convenient access to their belongings whenever they need them.

Do you offer self-storage options?

Yes. We offer self-storage options, providing a flexible and accessible solution for managing your storage needs independently.

How much are storage units in Toronto per month?

The cost of storage units in Toronto varies based on the unit’s size and specific features. We recommend contacting us directly for detailed information tailored to your storage needs.