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Your reliable, fast and quality Moving Service
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98% Star Score on  HomeStars
Your reliable, fast and quality Moving Service
Book your move in Ontario and Quebec areas within minutes 😉
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Erica Fox
Erica Fox
activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar
Very pleased with the service we received from this company. They sent three capable and hard working young men who worked tirelessly to carefully move a large house worth of furniture and boxes. They were respectful, punctual and a pleasure to work with. Also, there was no funny business as sometime happens with moving companies. I would use them again and happily recommend them.
Ruslana Tseliukh
Ruslana Tseliukh
activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar
This company was terrific. I chose it because of the reviews and they were spot on. Showed up on time, the crew treated my things with respect, wrapped and covered. The crew was a bunch of nice guys, felt comfortable with them. They worked hard. When I tried to step in to help, the response was “no ma’am, we got this.” The estimate was within $100 of actual. They made it look easy and the pricing was very good. Will definitely use them again!
Saveena Pathareddy Appanah
Saveena Pathareddy Appanah
activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar
A to Z Moving has been amazing in ensuring our move went by smoothly. We booked them after looking for a reputable provider in the industry and I stand by my decision to do business with them. If you are looking for hard working people with good work ethics, don’t look any further.
Vincenzo Pacheco
Vincenzo Pacheco
activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar
I would definitely recommend A-Z Moving! The guys were extremely careful with my items and in my home. Very professional and reasonably priced. Thanks for a great move!
activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar activeStar
A-Z Moving did a phenomenal job! so impressed with their professionalism, and how thoughtful and helpful they were. They truly live by the company motto of “sit back and relax”. Thank you for making our move experience a great one!
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What A-Z Moving can help you with
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For all our moves we come on a fully equipped truck that has all the necessary moving supplies and tools.

All trucks are equipped with straps that we use to fix your belongings in the truck to avoid any damage.
We use a variety of packing materials to prepare your furniture and other belongings for a move – from shrink wrap to bubble wrap to blankets.
On-Sight Estimate
One of the professional estimators will visit you to inspect your objects and calculate the cost of your move based on weight of your belongings, packing service and other additional charges.

The estimator can usually offer helpful hints to reduce any uncomfortness.
Frequently asked questions
We are friendly, approachable and know a lot about moving and relocation services in Ontario and Quebec. We understand that every single move is different but still there are common things that are true for many moving situations.
  • Why should I choose A-Z Moving?
    We are a reliable and affordable Toronto moving company with true Canadian values and over 10 years of experience. We build loyalty with the returning customers. Our professional movers are friendly and always ready to go an extra mile.
  • What is included with a full-service moving company?
    Full service means the moving company will come on a fully equipped truck, pack your belongings with special packing materials, load and unload your items.
  • Are moving companies open in Ontario during COVID-19?
    A-Z Moving is still operating. We take all the necessary precautions to guarantee safety and check our employees on a regular basis.
  • How do I know if A-Z Moving is legitimate?
    We are officially registered, insured, and we have all the necessary licenses for transportation. We provide insurance for customers’ belongings, medical and background checks for employees. All of our employees have 3-5 years of experience in the moving industry.
  • How much does a moving cost?
    We want to establish ourselves in the market as a moving company with affordable prices for everyone, so our prices are currently lower than 75% of other companies in Ontario.
  • What is included in a mover’s quote?
    The overall price of moving services depends on the weight of your belongings, packing service, and such factors as long carry, stairs, and the size of the elevator. We also take into account the number of bedrooms and boxes needed.
  • Should I buy movers insurance?
    No, the insurance surcharges are already included in a moving quote.