Our Services

  • Residential moving services near you

    Moving to a new home is a time of change. While it is an exciting experience, relocation to a new house or apartment involves many chores that can be stressful.
    No matter if you are moving to a neighboring house or throughout the Ottawa area, we’ll take care of it. A-Z Moving provides trusted and affordable moving services that address every unique need of our clients.
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    Tips to make your move as smooth as possible
    Whether you are preparing for a house, apartment, or condominium moving, follow this simple plan
    1. Choose a officially registered mover
    Before hiring a house moving company in Toronto, be sure to choose a mover that is officially registered, licensed, and insured. In terms of reliability, A-Z Moving is a trusted one.
    3. Notify of any special elements
    Notify us of any special elements — fragile items, valuables, artwork, frames, mirrors, piano, or others.
    2. Organize your items
    Organize your items before the moving date. We’ll send you a consultant for a free in-house estimate, so you can plan the move and avoid any emergencies.
    4. Entrust your packing to the professionals
    Our experienced furniture movers and packers will help you pack everything in special moving boxes with additional materials.
  • Commercial Moving Services

    Office moving can be challenging if you want your business operations to keep running without breaks. We’re here to make your office relocation in Toronto seamless and quick.
    A-Z Moving is a team of trained movers near you in Toronto. Moving desks, cabinets, bookcases promptly and without any disruption is our job. We provide industry-leading commercial moving services for internal office transfers as well as for hundreds of employees relocation.
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    Business Moving Without Any Delays
    A-Z Moving is not just another budget rental truck service. We care about all the details to make your office moving easier from start to finish.
    5+ years of experience
    We review all moving options and always bring helpful hints based on our knowledge and 5+ years of experience.
    Important message
    By hiring a professional moving company, you avoid any challenges you may not consider but deal with when moving office. We will help you to move forward without any problems or interruptions.
    Friendly and Flexible
    We are friendly and flexible to our clients’ needs.
    Affordable moving companie
    We are one of the most affordable moving companies in Toronto
    Comprehensive assessment
    We provide a comprehensive assessment of your facility.
    Safety and Licensed
    We ensure safety with all the needed licenses and properly trained staff
  • Boxes And Moving Supplies

    A-Z Moving has everything for a perfect move in Toronto. We understand all packing and unpacking challenges and offer the best quality services as well as moving boxes of any size and free packing supplies.
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    Where can I get boxes for moving in Toronto?
    Tape, shrink wrap, moving blankets, and moving straps — all professional packing materials are already included in the price of any move.

    To ensure that all items are conveniently delivered to your door, we use moving boxes of different sizes
    Small (1.5 cube ft)
    perfect protection for small and heavy things, including books, jars, kitchenware, toys, office supplies, small appliances, and decorativ
    Medium (3 cube ft)
    good for bulkier but not too heavy items such as bedding, drapes, pillows, and cloths.
    Large (5 cube ft)
    package for pots and pans, comforters, larger toys, and sports equipment.
  • Packing & Unpacking in Toronto

    As an end-to-end service A-Z Moving cares not just about the move itself but the entire moving process and planning, including packing and unpacking. Transporting furniture and other belongings can be easily done with the help of professional men and a truck. But if you fail packing, you’re risking damaging your most valuable things.
    Let the trained professional packers in Toronto do the packing for you. We use industry-standard packing techniques, moving boxes, and special packing supplies, such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and blankets. In addition, our trucks are equipped with straps that prevent your belongings from damage while transporting.
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    Packing Checklist
    Here are a few packing tips you should know before professional movers and packers arrive
    ● Pack similar items together
    ● Gather your valuables together
    ● Organize your documents
    ● Unplug any electronic items
  • Piano Movers in Toronto

    Looking for the cheapest piano movers in Toronto? We are here to help. We are A-Z Moving — a professional moving company in Toronto with over 5+ years of experience. We move large and heavy pianos expertly from across the room to across Ontario and Quebec.
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    Here are three reasons to work with A-Z Moving
    Licensed and Insured
    Our specialized piano movers are properly insured in Toronto, so you have nothing to worry about.
    Need to go up flights of stairs or set up your piano on stage? No matter how complicated the situation is and what brand of piano you own, we can help. Our team is trained and works efficiently to ensure the safety of your belongings.
    Same-day delivery
    We take pride in being on time even at the last-minute moves and provide same-day delivery. We have all the necessary equipment for transportation to ensure that your piano will arrive in the same condition as packed.
    How much does it cost to move a piano in Toronto?
    Another benefit we offer is affordable prices for everyone. Our standard cost to move a piano is $350, while average piano movers in Toronto are twice the price. When given a price you can be assured that it is the total price. Our rate includes insurance, mileage, and driving time.